Who is Jesus Christ?

A very common question come in our mind frequently about Jesus, who is Jesus Christ? Some people say or think that he is a very good man. Others people says that he is just a prophet. A teacher of God’s law or the embodiment of Gods Love , a first century wise man, a man just like any other man.

To find the historicity of Jesus Christ from the holy Bible.When Jesus asked his disciples what peoples say about him.Some disciples say that you are John the baptist some say you are alaijah some say you are Jeremiah and people think that your are one of them among the prophet. Then Jesus asked his disciple ” what do you think about me? what is your opinion about me. At that time Peter answered and confessed that Jesus is the Christ and the living son of God and that was the revelation from the father of heaven.

What are the impact of Jesus?

Jesus spoke only  three and half years which bring great revolution in the entire history.Jesus claimed to be true and living god whereas Goutam buddha never claim to be a god instead he said he is a teacher in search of the truth, Moses never claim to be God, Prophet Mohammed never claim to be God.

Jesus said i am the truth and living God. Jesus said who will convict me of sin. Jesus said the son of man have every authority to forgive sin

Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

Jesus is the unique personality among all human kind who lives on this earth. The life of Jesus Christ related with two impossibility .

  1. Virgin’s Womb
  2. Empty tomb

The birth of Jesus Christ is the uniqueness and miraculous of the entire human kind. Virgin marry conceived and gave birth to Jesus Christ. He is the savior of this world. As a result of this unique birth Christ was able to bypass the curse of sin from human man kind.

According to Mathew Chapter 1: 21, He is the savior of this world. Jesus Christ not only unique in his birth but he is unique in his death.

He died in the cross of Calvary to save us from  our sin. Jesus demonstrated his  love on the cross. Finally Jesus Christ is unique in his resurrection. The basic hope of Christianity is the empty tomb. Jesus send the message to the entire world that there is a life after death and he is going to come back soon to take us with him in the eternal place. This is a incredible message for you that Jesus loves you that anyone can ever love you. Bible says in John 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son whoever believe in him they will have everlasting life and will be saved and they will not be perished.His love is unconditional. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. He can do any kind of miracle in your life who can give you peace and eternal life.

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