Jishu Daken Tomay guitar lesson+ Bengali Christian Song+Guitar Tutorial

Jishu Daken Tomay Bengal chirsting song Lyrics and Chords/ strumming

Strumming Pattern : D-DUDU-D-DUDU

E                      A       F#m    B               E

Jishu daken tomay, Jishu daken tomay (2)

E             Abm                         A           
Sneher duti hat baraye barebar
F#m     B        E

Jishu daken tomay .. (2)

E                   Abm   A    F#m                   B                          

 Dukher dine tini, santona deben amay

E                   Abm  C#m    A   F#m          B                           

 Dukher dine tini, santona deben amay
F#m                   A                                  B

Jishur Prati bhakti Jar thake Abichol

B                                               E

Ashim kripa pay se nitti tahay

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